RigidLock software just undergoes 3 major updates making it strong, faster and more compact. 

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    Software developers are losing millions of dollars annualy to software piracy.  This online theft can be prevented with RigidLock.  Rigidlock is a software copyright protection system that will stop unwanted hacking, reverse engineering, and debuggin of your protected applications. RigidLock will eliminate unauthorized copying, use and distribution of your protected softare, ensuring your investment.

With RigidLock you can securely convert your software into a shareware version allowing you to distribute your software over the Internet or on media. Once a shareware version of your software has been created and distributed, the full version of the software may be purchased and unlocking information can be sent to the client to unlock the software in seconds.

This new version of RigidLock offers a number of exciting new features listed below.

  • Trial options - Including: Trial by Days , Trial by Count, Trial by Date.
  • File Date Changing Prevention - Preventing operation on system time roll-back
  • Protection against debuggers, dumpers and other cracking tools
  • Serial number blacklisting database - Validating against known pirated serial database 
  • Tamper detection system - Detects and prevents reverse engineering
  • Reset trial on new versions - Trial lengths are reset when a new version is installed 
  • Machine spacific hardware locking to BIOS, CPU, VOLUME and Hard Drive 
  • RC4 and Enigma Encryption
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